The Gospel

Have you been searching for all the answers? Have you been going through life, doing things your own way, and are now facing the consequences of your actions? Are you confused, lost, stolen, hurting, hating, beating yourself over the head, desperate for Truth?

You are here for a reason.

It is no accident that you are on this earth, breathing, thinking, living life the best you know. You are not an accident. An almighty, loving, caring, sharing, POWERFUL GOD – a fearsome, killing, and ultimately decisive God - created you, and is jealous in His love over YOU!

He is speaking to you right now…

Listen with your heart.

Look around you. The evidence is clear. We live in a world that is at the same time both beautiful and bitter. There is life and there is death. There is love and there is hate. There is good and there is evil.

All that exists was created by God. He gives and He takes away. Everything belongs to Him. And God created you. He created you to be His child. He created you to share in the joy of an intimate relationship with Him. But, you have rebelled against God.

You have chosen to be your own boss.

By doing what our selfish hearts want us to do, rather than what our father God intends for us to do, we SIN against His perfect will. Sin separates us from God.

We then rely on our own selves, our own abilities, and our own knowledge to ease our guilty consciences. We live a lie - but it is a lie that will not stand forever.

Because you will die someday, and God will judge you.

What then?

If you’re tired of searching, tired of sin, and tired of the roads that never end up where they say they will, the time is NOW for you to be saved by God’s grace. Confess your sin to God, turn away from the disobedience in your heart, embrace the gift of Jesus, and follow where His voice leads.

Your life is just now beginning...

Here is the good news: God is willing to have you back as His child. If you desire a restored relationship with God, ask Him to forgive you by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ – paying for your sins and mine by dying a wretched death on a cross destined for criminals, pouring out His blood, cleaning our slate before God - and ask Him for the Holy Spirit to guide you through life, you can begin a NEW LIFE and feel God’s love and presence like you’ve never felt before!!!

Jesus says in John 3:5 of the Holy Bible that unless a man is born of God’s Spirit, he can never enter the Kingdom of God. What this means is that those who are not willing to give control of their lives to God cannot be near God, and they will never experience the peace and purpose that He gives. Death will be a sad day for those people who live their lives with no respect or regard for God and His will.

Death and hell are the places meant for the devil and his demons, for disease and sickness, for sin, and for rebellion against God.

But they are powerless over the hand of God. God sent His Son Jesus to die as a sacrifice for the sins of the world, and He raised Him up from the dead, as a sign to prove his far-reaching power. And the Bible says that all people will be victorious over death, who trust in the Name of Jesus.

That means you.

Will you choose God today? Will you allow Him to forgive you?

God is asking you right now to join Him for life that will never end in heaven. But He will not force you…nor does he ever force anybody. He gives us choices.

And God has you reading this because He loves you way too much to leave you in the place you are in. Now,

Will you love Him back?